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Easy XP, Money and Loot Boxes

Play Jersey City's Alpha City Grand Prix event, which unlocks after reaching Star popularity level. It is located near the headquarters of Pro Racing. This event always provides a loot for completion. Continue to play the event as it only takes two minutes to complete. When you reach performance level 320, change the difficulty from Normal to Hard. In Hard mode, you will earn more followers (XP) and money for each race completion. It takes a lot of replays to maximize your rank, but this method allows you to quickly earn lots of parts, followers, and money. Additionally, this method works for any short event.

The Crew 2 generator

Easy 40-Position Photo Operations

In The Crew 2, there are a total of 92 photographic operations. To get the result "Images or not happened", you only need 40. The following video shows the 40 simplest op photos. None of this is missing, but it can still be done after the story is completed. You can activate them by going to the pause menu and selecting "Activities", choose a race type (each class has its own photos) and select the "Photo Album" option. Then go to the location in the video. In the upper left corner of the screen, the requirements for the photo will be displayed. When in the correct position, the text will have a white background. Press Y to open photo mode. You can use the left / right directional pad to rewind. For example, some photos require you to do stunts. You can complete acrobatic mode, activate photo mode, and rewind. You can also change the time of day and time in photo mode. If you need to take a photo in the rain at night, you can simply adjust these settings in photo mode. For photos that require car-specific images, you can try them out for free.

Easy result "Drift as a tester"

First, get a drifting car. We recommend the Mazda RX7. You can score 100,000 points with inventory settings: no update is required, but it helps. The simplest runway for this is the airport's Terminal D. The event lasts two minutes. You must delete it in one or two continuous deviations. Don't run into anything, as this will cancel the multiplier. When the road continues straight, you should go left and right enough to prevent the drift from ending. When the car does not drift, the multiplier starts to flash. If you don't drift for a second, you will lose the multiplier. It takes some practice to know the track and understand when to accelerate and how to make each turn. Nitrous may also be helpful. If you get too close to the track on a drift, use nitro to back toward the track. Nitro also makes you go faster in the corners to get more points. It's about keeping the deviation for a long time, so you can reach the maximum multiplier x50 to get many points quickly. If you can hold the entire event in just two continuous buttons, you will pass the 100,000 mark to achieve the "Drift as a tester" goal.

Easy Success "Easy Rider"

You can easily gain 500 followers in a freestyle sequence by making four consecutive loops with one piano (open world only). It does not work in competitions as it must be an open world. Each loop gives 150 followers.

Easy "leap of faith without straw" goal

An easy place to do a 100-meter bike jump is the ski hill between Salt Lake City and Salt Lake Resort. The location is listed as "Ski Jump" on the map. The Ski Jump Rally Cross race is also there. Select a bike and go there in open world mode. Go down the slope of ski jumps to run 100 meters and get the result "Leap of faith without straw".

Goal "Ride The Jewels"

The most expensive car is the Koenigsegg Regera (worth 1,701,700 credits). You can get the "Assemble the Jewels" result using the test drive (you don't have to buy the car). This can be done at the beginning of the game after the Street Race headquarters is unlocked. Press the Menu button. Go to "Catalog" - "Koenigsegg" - "Regera" - "HQ". Press X to test the unit. There is a timer during the test drives. If you cannot reach 2 km on a single test drive, you can take another test drive and add it to the total of 2 km.

Easy result "The end is near"

While in the open world, take a boat or plane to the end of the ocean on the map. You can press Menu to switch to a plane in the open world. Continue to the edge of the map until you reach the "End is near" goal.

The Crew 2 How to Make Money Fast

On PlayStation Universe: "The Quick Guide How to make money with Team 2 shows that you need to earn fast so you can buy the best cars and vehicles. Check out these tips."

The Crew 2 Bucks - How to get money fast on The Crew 2

Crew 2 offers a wide range of vehicles to buy, drive and have fun. They range from F1 cars, airplanes and dirt bikes to hyper cars, strollers and pickup trucks. If you want to create your collection in The Crew 2, you will have to spend a lot of money. The game currency is Bucks in The Crew 2 and is assigned to the player upon completion of certain tasks. In this Bucks The Crew 2 Guide, we'll show you the fastest and best ways to earn Bucks on The Crew 2.

Faster ways to make more money in Team 2

As you naturally gain by completing the challenges in the world, there are more profitable ways than others to spend your time. We list the fastest ways to earn dollars in The Crew 2.

Can you sell cars on The Crew 2?

One of the things you spend the most money on in The Crew 2 is the new vehicles. Unfortunately, after buying a vehicle, there is no way to sell it to Bucks. There is no official word on whether or not the developer is going to solve this problem in the future, so for now, you're stuck with all these unwanted vehicles.

Here is all you need to know about the quickest ways to make money on The Crew 2. For information on getting more followers and leveling up, visit our guide to The Crew 2 level progression. We have more time with the game, so stay tuned for new updates.

The crew 2 - Crew credits The money generator Hack 2019

The crew 2 hack online 2019 The game is available for free, like getting an unlimited cash generator for Crew credits in The crew 2 Cheats and is available for IOS and Android platforms. It is a simulation game that depends on unlimited hacking stories and download chapters in it. Team 2 aims to provide the best gaming experience to its users. Game developers have added new stories and chapters to the game every week.

The main task of the users in the game is to select a story based on their choice. After choosing, they must create or customize their character to make it more classic. and more beautiful. The more classic you give your character, the more coins and prizes you'll earn in team 2.

Useful tips and tricks

Since the game consists of easy controls and a bit of a difficult game, it is essential that players apply more tips and tricks. Below are some important tips and tricks

More information on gameplay

IThe Crew 2 consists of a difficult gameplay. At the start of the game, players must select a story from the various types of stories in the game. The game includes all kinds of stories like love stories, stories, dramas and horror, etc. After selecting the story, you must create a character according to your choice.

Users must make their character fantastic. You have to unlock more and more stories, or they can even get more stories through Choice hacking. Entering the game, You can see more numbers of stories. This helps them in many ways, such as attacking users of the game to get enough gems and coins.

Importance of currency in the team 2

There are two main currencies in the game. It takes a long time, about 3 hours to create coins in the form of. Keys are useful for unlocking various types of stories and chapters. Gems and coins are used to buy more modern and classic clothes for your character.

It is essential that players earn a good amount of currency. The best way to make money is to complete more stories and chapters. Other simple ways to earn currency

Link to Facebook: you can get it by accessing the game, or you can say it by connecting the game to Facebook. Sign up and create a new account - means that users must create a new account or sign up for the game. This helps them make money in the game.

Inviting friends via Facebook - To earn a good amount of money, you must invite your friends with the help of Facebook. In a nutshell, it is essential that players know and understand correctly all the information and ways mentioned above. Another easy way to win is Choices Hack.

Tricks, game codes, unlockables, tips, Easter eggs, glitches, guides, guidelines, trophies, goals and more for The Crew 2: Gold Edition on Xbox One.

Browse using the links above or scroll down to browse the tricks of Crew 2: Gold Edition available for Xbox One. The most reliable articles get the most likes and appear first in their section.

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