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Crash Team Racing Wumpa Coins - Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: How to get Wumpa Coins fast and easy:

Nitro Fueled is the new remake of the classic cult kart, Crash Team Racing, and as expected, it is full of collectibles to find and coins to obtain. To buy what you are looking for in the store, here is everything you need to know to get Wumpa Coins easily and quickly in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

crash team racing nitro fueled coins

What are Wumpa coins in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled?

Wumpa coins are the currency used to buy cosmetic items and some game characters. If you go to the Pit Stop store on the Crash Team Racing main menu, you can spend them on a variety of things, from Crash Nitro Kart characters to stickers for your karts.

There is currently no way to buy them with real-world money, and many items are very expensive, so you should save a little to buy what you want.

How to earn Wumpa coins

Fortunately, getting them does not require additional effort over simple play. Completing any race will earn you a little more, finish higher on the podium and win more.

Sometimes you get 20 for winning and 18 for the second, and so on, and sometimes you get 40. It's not very clear why you get paid more than other times for some runners, but you get more for completing certain challenges. while running Some characters are thousands of Wumpa coins in the Pit Stop store, so winning 20 at a time would be an arduous task.

Tips for obtaining Wumpa coins quickly and easily in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - Complete online races.

Start an easy difficulty adventure mode and repeat the races several times. The best way to get them fast is not to worry about fighting hard races in Adventure mode. Instead, he only participates in online multiplayer races. While victories in Adventure mode can give you between 20 and 40 Wumpa coins for finishing first in a race, we finish third in an online race and receive 514 huge coins.

If you intend to play Adventure mode for your coins first, create another saved file and select easy difficulty, you can run race after race, winning without problems, accumulating Wumpa coins in the process. You get the same amount for difficulties and difficulties, but it is much easier to win.

It's all you need to know to get Wumpa Coins quickly and easily in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. For more information about the game, see our wiki guide. We also list other useful guides in the game below.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Wiki

The Nitro-Fueled IGN Crash Team Racing (CTR) cheat guide provides you with insider information about all the tricks in the game. Although not all PS1 game codes have returned, the ones registered here. To enter nitro fuel CTR cheat codes, you must be in the main menu. Press and hold the two bumpers on the controller while entering the code. On PS4, this is L1 + R1, on Xbox, it is RB + LB, and on Switch, it is L + R. Once the code is entered correctly, you will hear a confirmation sound.

This trick unlocks Penta Penguin, a secret character from Speed, along with his Sticker and White Paint Job. The use of this code will not prevent you from getting trophies, Grand Prix challenges, Wumpa coins or adventure rewards like the other codes. This code is translated to "Seaswan".

PS4: Down, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Up XBO: Down, Right, Y, Down, Left, Y, Up Switch: Down, Right, X, Down, Left, X, Up

Beats Team Racing Gameplay Cheats - Wumpa Infinite Fruit

This trick takes you to 99 Wumpa Fruit, which means that your pills are always "squeezed" and you always have your maximum speed. This code is translated as "Seeds".

All Platforms: Down, Right, Right, Down, Down

Infinite turbos

This trick offers an infinite supply of Turbo Power-Ups. Translate to "Axelwax".

PS4: Triangle, X, Right, Left, Left, Triangle, X XBO: Y, A, Right, Left, Left, Y, A Switch: X, B, Right, Left, Left, X, B

Infinite Bowling Pumps

This trick provides an infinite supply of bowling weapons. This translates into "Arsenal."

PS4: Triangle, Right, Down, Right, Up, Triangle, Left XBO: Y, Right, Down, Right, Up, Y, Left Switch: X, Right, Down, Right Up, X, Left

Infinite masks

This trick offers you an infinite supply of mask weapons. This translates as "Warlords."

PS4: Left, Triangle, Right, Left, O, Right, Down, Down XBO: Left, Y, Right, Left, B, Right, Down, Down Switch: Left, X, Right, Left, A, Right, Down, Down

Always invisible

It makes all human pilots permanently invisible, which means they can't be targets to track missiles either. This code is translated as "Invisible."

All Platforms: Up, Up, Down, Right, Right, Up

Super infinite motor

With this active trick, you can use Super Engine Power-Up in battle mode at any time. This allows you to press and hold the Turbo acceleration button continuously. The power of Turbo Boost will match your current Turbo level if you also have Orange Turbo, Super Engine. If you don't have any, you will have Red Turbo, the weakest turbo level. When juice is made, keeping the acceleration low rapidly increases the thrust force towards the Blue Turbo, providing incredible speeds. That's why this trick goes well with Infinite Wumpa Fruit and Super Turbo Pads.

PS4: Up, Up, Left, Right, Triangle, Down, Right, Down XBO: Up, Up, Left, Right, Y, Down, Right, Down Switch: Up, Up, Left, Right, X, Down, Right, Down

For those old enough to enjoy the original game on PS1, remember to have cheat codes at your disposal to help you with the game. Fortunately, the new version of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled has loaded the cheat codes, and many wonder in what Crash Team Racing cheats the PS4 codes to use them. Penta Penguin is one of the most sought-after tricks, in addition to infinite bombs and capable of becoming invisible, along with several others.

Keep rolling and you will find all the tricks of Crash Team Racing for PS4, we say that it has been confirmed that PS4 works on PS4, but Xbox One and Nintendo Switch have not been tested, although they should work on all platforms. Simply follow the same button combos below on the desired console and they should be working.

What to know before using the tricks

As with many games where tricks can be used today, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, using Crash Team Racing PS4 tricks will disable the ability to unlock trophies or achievements. Penta Penguin's deception is an exception and will not affect any achievement or progress of the trophy.

crash team racing nitro fueled wumpa coins

The IGN Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled cheat guide provides you with insider information on all Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled cheats. Although it is not known if Nitro-Fueled has any features, they were recorded here and translated to Xbox and Switch controls just in case. In the original CTR, only Super Turbo Pads would be activated in Time Trial mode.

To enter these codes, you must press both bumpers on the controller while entering the code. On PS4, this is L1 + R1, on Xbox, it is RB + LB, and on Switch, it is L + R. To use these tricks in Adventure mode, go to the New / Upload home screen and enter the codes there.

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